"You just sweep into LA like a little ray of sunshine and then you leave us with fabulous new clothes and killer outfits!"

“I just wanted to let you know what a difference you have made.  Over the past year, with your amazing input, I have completely revolutionized my wardrobe.  It’s fun to feel so good about what I’m wearing.  I feel nothing but joy when I think about you and look at your blog and get inspired by your creativity.”

I can't wait for our shop in San Fran tomorrow - it's Tiffmas :)!

“Just wanted to write and let you know that I wore one of the outfits you picked out for me the other day and got about 20 compliments.  No exaggerating, either!  So. . . you go, girl! I am so grateful to have been a beneficiary of your talent.  Your help is changing my outlook to a happier one.”

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your fashion advice.  As trivial as it seems and as nervous as I react - it pulls together my focus.  How I want to dress, live, shop etc. . . More guts and personality and less filler. You are so helpful!

“Tiffany!  You are awesome.  I’ve been needing you on my team for years!  Love the energy you bring.  Super fun working with you”

“We coined a new acronym btw – TWA – Tiffany Wendel Approved”

“I wore my Burberry tie with the checked shirt you picked out for me with my suit and I felt like a million bucks.  I even got a complement from another dude!  I am living in my Barneys sweat pants when I’m not schmoozing.  Thanks Tiffany!!”

“OMG she just spent two hours in my closet and it changed my life!  I am totally using her again if I go on TV and to help reset my style!

“I ran into a friend of mine today who came up to me and said “I saw you from a distance and didn’t realize it was you.  I just thought you were a pretty woman who was so put together. . . All thanks to you!”

“Thanks. . . as always, had so much fun with you.  I have worn two new outfits and love them. . . tons of compliments!  Thanks for making me look better and feel smarter!“

“You made shopping easy. I always knew the type of look I wanted, but never knew what to buy to achieve it.  The day was relaxing and fun, and I plan to do it again next season.”

“Thanks again for working with us – it’s really been such a special treat and I love feeling so much better about how I look!”

“Even though I liked to think of myself as a fashionable person, I didn’t realize I had been wearing things that didn’t compliment my body type. You helped me see the light and taught me simple little tricks to make me look longer, taller and leaner.  Thanks for working with what I already had and adding a few details here and there. My wardrobe is definitely more up-to-date and versatile!”